Aroma of COVA Coffee

Coffee has been a popular drink for more than a thousand years. Established in 1817, COVA’s coffee has been prominent ever since, and always dependable – strong, fresh & well made, acclaimed the “Genuine” Italian coffee – Cappuccino, Espresso. By using only coffee beans of unique COVA blend; supreme quality of fresh milk and master skill, delectable flavor of Cova coffee tickles your fancy and tantalizes your taste buds.
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Coffee Beans

“COVA” coffee bean is made of six different kinds of Arabic blends, all come from the best fields of Central America & Brazil. Every single piece of bean is carefully selected during picking, so as to present the best quality for an exclusive blend.
Every single type of beans is hand-toasted individually and under careful-checking consistently along toasting. The six different kinds of beans will only be mixed afterwards, this sequence is very important to assure the highest quality of blend.
Beans are only air-cooled and not water-cooled to avoid the coffee from putting on weight, in fact the coffee is lacking in humidity.

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